Westerly Restoration of Alberta is WCB certified Member of the Alberta South Building Envelope Council

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Building Envelope Council

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For Building Envelopes, Building Restoration & Deck Repairs in Vancouver, BC


Commercial & Residential Building Envelope Services

Westerly Restoration of Alberta, serves clients in Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Airdrie, Canmore, Banff and their surrounding communities. From the building envelopes of small businesses to those of large, residential high rises, Westerly Restoration has the experience and knowledge to efficiently undertake any type of water damage restoration, including building envelope failure repairs and water ingress. Also providing services of deck rescue and dry rot repair.

Our clients include buildings strata council buildings, commercial and retail buildings (including restaurants), and residential homes. Properly restored building envelope make for sustainable buildings and greatly improve building efficiency. As well as building envelope repairs, we specialize in applying high quality membranes and coatings as well as custom flashing, and resloping, when decks need to be restored or repaired.


We specialize in small to medium sized building envelope projects, including water damage and rot repairs.


Our deck repair and rebuilding services include re-sloping, flashing and membrane application.


Westerly Restoration will remove Rot from your home or commercial building and guarantee our work for your peace of mind.


Westerly Restoration of Alberta carries $5,000,000 of third party liability insurance and are WCB certified.

Westerly Restoration has extensive experience in these specific areas of restoration:

  • Rebuilding and restoring decks, including vinyl and liquid membrane application
  • Rain screens: all aspects
  • General contracting
  • Building envelope restoration from start to finish
  • Structural wall repairs and a wide range of cladding installation
  • Caulking and flashing applications
  • Inspections: comprehensive building envelope inspections and reporting

Rest Easy with Top Quality Building Envelope Restoration

A project is only complete when you are completely satisfied.

Our experience twinned with our license and insurance coverage means you can count on Westerly Restoration of Alberta to deliver what you need with no risk involved.

We are WCB certified, warranty all our work, and carry $5,000,000 in third party liability insurance.

Efficient, high quality work is what our High River, Okotoks, Airdrie, Canmore, Banff and Calgary area customers can expect. When it comes to protecting your investment, restoring and repairing your buildings, as well as enhancing sustainable building efficiency, have high expectations (and prepare to have them met) when you call Westerly Restoration.