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Tenant Improvements

The Westerly Restoration team can also do any tenant improvement you require. We have been doing tenant improvements for years in the Calgary and surrounding areas. Whether it be a commercial space, a rental space or a residential space, we will do the work to the highest standards. We have long term clients with whom we have been providing work for years in the tenant improvement side of the business.

All tenant improvements include:

  • Handling all permits.
  • Planning new suite configurations and other design elements with you.
  • Complete, full suite renovations: electrical, plumbing, interior finishing (tiling, drywall, painting, trim, cabinets, doors, lighting and plumbing fixtures, flooring, and appliance installation).

Westerly Restoration ‐ Alberta offers complete turn-key renovations and residential, commercial, and retail tenant improvements, in the Calgary area. Call us today to learn how we can put our experienced team to work for you.

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