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Read our articles on building envelopes, building restoration, waterproofing, mold testing, PMMA Application and deck repair in the Calgary area of Alberta, Canada.

Many people who have thought about repairing their decks in recent years may be wondering if it is possible to put vinyl on an old wooden deck. The answer to this question is yes, but there are some important things that you need to know and consider
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When renovating an older structure in Calgary, we are often asked if we suggest using a PMMA membrane for waterproofing. The reason being, when used as a liquid, PMMA membranes are usually an excellent solution for waterproofing a structure.
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Building managers often worry about maintaining a safe and secure foundation for their building. For years, any damage to a part of the foundation may have taken months to be fully repaired. Additionally, businesses were often forced to shut down dur
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