Can You Put Vinyl on An Older Wood Deck?

June 30th, 2021 | in Deck Restoration and Repair
Can You Put Vinyl on An Older Wood Deck

Many people who have thought about repairing their decks in recent years may be wondering if it is possible to put a vinyl sheet on an old wooden deck. The answer to this question is yes, but there are some important things that you need to know and consider first before undertaking the project. Here are the most important factors to consider before updating your wooden deck to vinyl.

Deck’s Integrity

The integrity of your deck is an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to deciding whether you can install vinyl sheet over the existing wood. If there is a lot of rot or insect damage on the structural wood, you may need to replace it. Additionally, the wooden deck base should be securely fastened to provide a good foundation for the vinyl material. This means re-fastening any loose planks as well.

Proper Underlayment

It is important to use underlayment with vinyl installations. This is because wood decking can easily absorb moisture. Without underlayment, moisture will cause the vinyl to swell up and distort. This will result in damage such as wrinkling and buckling. Underlayment also keeps water from getting between the decking boards. You should use 100% waterproof material, such as felt or rubber, for your underlayment’s.

Deck Design

The design of your deck will play a key role in determining whether or not you can install vinyl over it. a vinyl sheet is not designed to be applied to intricate deck designs. The result of this will create buckles along with waves in the vinyl due to the added stress on the material that it was not built for.

Moisture Concerns

Moisture underneath the vinyl can cause problems. It can cause the edges to lift, glue bonds to weaken, and bubbles to form in the middle. Moisture can also soften and deteriorate the vinyl, which can lead to warping and even rotting. If you have a lot of moisture under your deck, vinyl is not the solution.

No one wants to have an ugly, stained, and tired-looking deck or patio. An older wood deck can also feel uncomfortable against bare feet. If you think your deck needs some sprucing up, why not consider giving it a makeover using vinyl. Such a project is relatively easy, quick, and affordable. Get started today by contacting the experts at Westerly Alberta.

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