Repairing the Building Envelope in your Leaky Condo in Calgary, Alberta

October 26th, 2017 | in Leaky Condos

leaky condo repairAlberta winters are full of rain, snow, and wind that passes through every single day in some seasons. The weather takes its toll on the residents of Alberta, and it can take its toll on the buildings of Alberta too. Unfortunatelty, Alberta is still home to lots of leftover leaky condos from those that were built in the 1990s with incorrect stucco and waterproofing. There are ways to repair the building envelope of a leaky condo, and Westerly Alberta is among the top choice for leaky condo repair.

Some of the common problems encountered are due to exterior and interior substandard construction such as incorrectly installed plumbing or exterior sloping issues, allowing water to enter the home. None of these issues should be taken lightly, and it is important to find a company that is highly certified in building restoration, rot repair, and water damage. Over time, wood rot and mold problems will only get worse, so it is important to deal with this problems as soon as is possible.

When looking for a company to repair the building envelope of your leaky condo, look for the following qualifications: all aspects of rain screening, structural wall repairs, restoring condos to original conditions, caulking and flashing applications, and specifically building envelope restoration experience.

Water problems can be a large source of structural weakness for your condo building, so it is important to have it dealt with promptly. Once you have selected a contractor to provide the restoration, have a specific plan mapped out for how to combat the solution. Once the restoration is complete, the results are permanent - no more leaky condo, just a dry and stable environment for your residents.

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