New Window Installations

When it comes to installing new windows, and protecting the integrity of your building envelope, the details that you don't see are important. A properly installed window won't allow air leakage around it, and it prevents heat loss from your home. It will also protect your home from potential damages caused by rain, snow and ice.

Westerly Restoration ‐ Alberta's Calgary and area installation team will keep your building envelope in tact while upgrading and restoring your home with energy efficient windows that include water diverting custom head and sill flashings, rain screens, and trims.

Westerly Restoration ‐ Alberta's Window Installation and Building Envelope Services Include:

  • Installing metal flashings, including head flashings, and sill flashings with window pan detail (the inside of a window's sill threshold, crucial for not allowing water ingress, and eventually rot, into your wall).
  • All work done to engineered building envelope specifications.
  • All of the new windows we install, even the most basic models, have a high R value.
  • Installing wood, vinyl, aluminum and composite windows. We also install composite french doors and exterior doors of any grade.
  • Rain screened window trims.
  • Variety of styles and colors of Hardy trims and comb facia trims.
  • Custom head and sill flashings that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Increase the value of your home with a professionally executed building envelope renovation that includes new windows.  Experience the extra economic benefits and comfort value they bring by increasing your heat efficiency.

Call Westerly Restoration of Alberta today to learn more about our Window Installation Services.


replacing windows

Old aluminum windows that are having water ingress and heat loss issues

replacing windows

New high efficiency vinyl windows with new head flashings, sill flashings and rain screen hard trims.

Tiffany Springs

replacing windows

A stucco cladding window bay with aluminum windows.

replacing windows

Waterproofing and rain screen wall assembly complete. New vinyl windows installed with proper detailing.

replacing windows

Completed project with custom head and sill flashings. New high efficiency vinyl windows installed. Vinyl siding attached to a rain screen wall assembly.

A Project is Only Complete When You are Completely Satisfied. CALL WESTERLY ALBERTA!
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